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Plastic-Waste Soap Dish



Our new soap dish is one of our first products made entirely from waste! Your soap dish will be made from a unique combination of non-recyclable plastics such as plastic bags, bubble wrap and pallet wrap. Each soap dish stops 14 plastic bags worth of flexible plastic waste going to landfill.

  • Made with 100% recycled plastic

  • Each soap dish is entirely unique 
  • Designed with raised bumps so the soap can dry out in-between uses

  • 2 colours variations 
  • Durable and easy to clean
    • Handmade in Brighton with love

    • Super fast delivery on all items


    Please note that a quantity of 1 represents x1 Soap Dish. It does NOT include the soap.

    Why we made the soap dish?
    There is SO much flexible plastic waste that is ending up in landfill. Despite the fact we ideally want a world free of plastic, that doesn't mean we should ignore these waste streams that are otherwise ending up in landfill.

    Plastic is a very durable and long-lasting material (which is what makes it such a favourable material, but also what makes it so BAD for the environment). If this plastic already exists, we might as well use it to make products that people want to use. And that's why we made our soap dish!
      Soap dish care and end of life
      • This soap dish is so easy to maintain and keep clean, all you need to do is keep the area clean below where the soap sits to prevent build up of soap
      • This product will be very long-lasting due to the nature of plastic, but if you cannot find another home for your soap dish and are determined to throw it away, then it is 100% recyclable!
      • And make sure to recycle the packaging

        Made in collaboration with Gomi in Brighton.

        Maker Story

        Hello! My name is Imogen, I’m 22 years old and I live and work in Brighton. I recently graduated from the University of Brighton where I studied 3D Design and Craft. This it where I developed an interest in sustainable design. My work often is about adding value to ‘waste’ by turning it into a new material or product. In my free time I play hockey, it keeps me very active and is one of the only things that can get me to run... but it’s also a great way to socialise and meet new people.

        I hope you like the soap dishes as much I enjoyed making them!