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Pack of 5 - Newspaper waste pencils


Made with 100% newspaper waste. These premium quality wood-Free pencils handmade by women artisans in Sri Lanka. Each package has 5 recycled newspaper pencils with 2mm HB lead. Ideal for school and organisations. Feels wonderful in your hands.

  • 100% wood-free. Made from waste newspaper

  • Non toxic and food grade glue and dye materials

  • Hand made with love in Sri Lanka

  • Works just like a normal pencil

  • We plant a tree for every item you purchase

  • Super fast delivery on all items

Made with newspaper waste that would have otherwise been put in landfill or burned in Sri Lanka.

Why newspaper pencils and why switch?

Pencils are made form wood, which means that trees have to be chopped down to make the pencils. And we need trees to stay in the ground!

These newspaper pencils provide an alternative using waste newspaper that otherwise would've been sent to landfill.

Newspaper pencils care and end of life

Use the pencil as you would a normal pencil. 

At the end of its life, remove any lead left in the pencil, and throw away in your regular rubbish. The leftover newspaper can be cut up and thrown in the compost.