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Metal razor care and end of life

After use, dry the razor and store in a dry place away from any moisture.

Replacing blades

Included with this razor are x10 blades. It's easy to change:

  1. Unscrew handle
  2. Remove the top part of the razor
  3. Slot in the new blade
  4. Screw back together

Tip - make sure the grooved part of the top of the razor is facing up! 

The blades can be recycled if you put the used blades inside a steel can such as an empty baked bean can then secure it with tape so the blades don’t fall out. Then simply put it in the metal recycling bin.

The high temperatures used in metal recycling will mean that any tape will be burn away, leaving just the pure metal that turns into new metal.

The razors could last whole of your life! At the end of life, you can simply put it in the metal recycling bin.