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Bathroom Cleaning Concentrate [Makes 1 Litre]


What are these cleaners?

These clever cleaning concentrates contain good bacteria & enzymes.

They effectively digest any organic matter.

A deep clean is achieved by enzymes & fermentation. Fermentation extracts produced by the bacteria provide immediate cleaning, dissolving dirt & grime.

The natural bacteria get into porous surfaces, digesting dirt which eliminates odours. They continue to clean for days after use.

The cleaners are Vegan and 100% biodegradable.

  • Our cleaning concentrates come in tidy little 50ml bottles.

How do I use these natural cleaners?

The ZWC Cleaning Concentrates are shipped in 50ml glass vials, with natural rubber in the aluminium lids, to ensure an airtight seal whilst being 100% plastic free.

The 50ml concentrate is enough to be diluted into x2 500ml ready to clean spray bottles. Saving the unnecessary transportation of x2 500ml [usually plastic] bottles of regular chemical cleaning solution.

Each 50ml vial has x2 shots of 25ml Cleaning Concentrate.

Each 25ml should be diluted into 500ml water, in our ZWC Natural Cleaner Spray Bottles. You can also use any other 500ml spray bottle you have.

Ingredients & Packaging

Multi-Purpose Cleaner Ingredients: Natural Bacteria, Alcohols, Hydroxides & Inner Salts

Bathroom Cleaner Ingredients: Natural Enzymes, Alcohols & Lactic Acid

Glass & Mirror Cleaner Ingredients: Natural Bacteria, Alcohols, Hydroxides & Inner Salts

Bottles are 100% glass and the screw tops are metal with a natural rubber ring on the inside. So 100% plastic-free.

Comes in 100% recycled Kraft paper packaging, which is printed with soy ink


Bathroom Cleaning Concentrate [Makes 1 Litre]