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Straw Cleaner For The Collapsible Straw


Cleaning your collapsible straw does not need to involve plastic. Instead use straw cleaner specifically designed for your collapsible straw, where the bristles are made from coconut fibres. It works just as effectively as any other straw cleaner.

  • Bristles made from coconut fibres

  • Designed for the collapsible straw and reusable straws

  • We plant a tree for every item you purchase

  • Order before 2pm to receive next working day UK delivery


Why we made this straw cleaner?

We found out that reusable straws are great but always came with plastic bristled straw cleaners, which eventually contaminate the water systems and break down into microplastics.

So we wanted to create the most eco-straw cleaner out of waste coconut coir. Which has no plastic whatsoever. And the steel wire is super sustainable and malleable. Making it perfect for cleaning all sorts of reusable straws.

Straw cleaner care and end of life

After using the straw cleaner to clean your straws or smalll items, rinse the bristles to dislodge any food or dirt stuck. Then dry the bristles with a towel and hang to dry, ready for it's next use.

We do not recommend dish washing as it may damage the straw cleaner.

When the straw cleaner has reached the end of it's life, you can cut away the coconut bristles and put it in the compost. And put the metal wire in the recycling. It's okay to put the metal wire in the recycling even if it has the coconut bristles as the heat in metal recycling will just burn anything other than the metal in the recycling process.


The production partners are based in Fujian province in China.

The minimum wage in the province is 1720 RMB per month. The company pays the workers, on average 3200 RMB per month. Much higher than the minimum wage in the province.

The artisans work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and are off on all holidays

For the health and safety of our employees, we ensure our workers wear gloves, face masks and hats.  And the employees also do regular health examinations at the expense of the company.

The straw cleaners are shipped via sea freight to minimise the carbon footprint of each product. We offset our carbon emissions and more by planting a tree for every item we sell.

The product does not have any animal derivatives and plastic. 100% Vegan and plastic-free.