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Waste Cotton Laundry Bag


Made from 100% Recycled Waste Cotton, our Zero Waste Club Large Laundry Bag is sturdy, breathable and strong. It has two handles for easy carrying and stands upright when in use.

The natural cotton laundry bag is also machine-washable, so you can reuse it over and over again.

It is made from unbleached cotton with no added dyes or colourings.

Perfect for college students living in dorms, apartment dwellers, and sorting laundry at home.

Colour: Natural Cotton

100% Vegan and Plastic Free.

We also plant a tree for every bag you purchase.

Washing Instructions, wash up to 40C (100F) in a standard washing machine, and then air dry.

In Use Product Size: 53cm x 34cm x 30cm (20.8โ€ x 13.4โ€ x 11.8โ€)

Folds up into a compact size for easy storage or transport with collapsed size of 35.0cm x 17.5cm x 2.0cm (13.7โ€ x 6.9โ€ x 0.8โ€)

Message from the maker

My name is Sitrarasan. I am 37 years old and have been working in the factory for 8 years. I have found my speciality in flat seam tailoring which provides me with good, satisfying work. I work on a variety of products from cotton mesh, laundry bags, dish towels and even makeup pads. I live nearby the factory with my family. The materials used for your brand is totally different from other fast fashion brands we manufacture for. Especially the sewing yarn where we mostly use polyester yarn, when the management told me to use cotton sewing yarn I can remember the old days when I migrated to the city 14 years ago, where only cotton sewing yarn was used and slowly polyester yarn dominated the market due to its cheaper price, It's good the old nature friendly cotton yarn is coming back.

Workplace Transparency

Our production facility is based in Tamilnadu State in India.

The minimum wage in the state is 8000INR per month. The makers are paid on average double the minimum wage at 16,000 INR per month.

The makers work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. They are off on all public holidays.

For the health and safety of the makers, they are ensured to wear gloves, face masks and hats. Also regular health checks are done at the expense of the factory.

The products are shipped via sea freight to minimise the carbon footprint of each product. We offset our carbon emissions and more by planting a tree for every item we sell.

The product does not have any animal derivatives and no unnatural substances were used. No plastic or chemicals used. 100% Vegan and plastic-free.


Waste Cotton Laundry Bag