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We are big on Transparency & Ethical Supply Chain

Our goal at Zero Waste Club is to make eco-friendly products more accessible to more people and to make it the number one consumer choice as opposed to buying plastic or unsustainable items.

We care about who makes our products and if they are happy making them. So we disclose who made the products and how much they were paid. As well as the working conditions.

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What customers say about us

We love our toothbrush’s! They feel amazing and the colors are great too! Thank you for making sure that we received our order and your amazing customer service! I’ll share about your company with all of my clients.

It's a pleasure purchasing from ZWC - delivery is quick, the packaging is sustainable and the products are always to a high standard. It always feels like an investment into a better, more sustainable way of living than just a regular purchase.

I love that they provide "Workplace Transparency" and a "Message from the maker" in the info bit of each product so that I know my purchases are ethically sourced :)

Zero Waste Club is fantastic, you can count on always finding something good and ethically sourced, produced and packaged. My last purchase, a metal reusable coffee filter, is both functional and stylish. I recommend Zero Waste Club very highly!