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The Story

Feeling frustrated and let-down by the extent of the damage we have done to our environment, two friends - Rishi and Pawan - went in search of answers. While the markets are changing slowly, they noticed that many products that are eco-friendly are given a luxury label. They also found that many products sold under the “eco” label tend to stretch the definition of sustainability. Thus they decided to start their own journey to produce truly sustainable, beautifully designed, ethical and vegan essentials at affordable prices.

And here we are!

We want to do more than just make beautiful eco-friendly products. So we are going to make the most transparent, ethical, sustainable goods company on earth. Opening up our supply chain fully for everyone to see. To show that there is a nicer way to do business. Hopefully this will inspire other businesses to do the same.

Pawan Saunya & Rishi Gupta
Co-Founders of Zero Waste Club

The Peeps

We are a team of dreamers, thinkers, innovators and environment saviours. We approach all problems with an open-mind and a strong determination, to create meaningful, simple and beautifully designed products and services.

Rishi - Managing & Numbers

Every great company needs a numbers man. Rishi manages our numbers and keeps them as solid as possible. He helps to keep the structure of the business tight, ensures operations are running smoothly and is in charge of the logistical side of the company.

Outside the business, he enjoys adrenaline fuelled activities such as scuba diving, sky diving and skiing - any sport that begins with the letter s.

Pawan - Design & Marketing

Pawan has a soft spot for simplicity and function. He is obsessed with good spacing in design, typography and enjoys creating beautiful systems. We are lucky to have him, as he is heavily involved all aspects of design and on spreading low impact / zero waste message.

He is strongly believes all beings feel fear and want to be loved and thus advocates Veganism and spends his time meditating in the mountains.

He deferred going to university to start-up Zero Waste Club.

Chloe - Wholesale Relationships & Sales

Chloe is super passionate about the welfare of the environment, animals and people. She recently completed a Master’s in Design dedicating it to sustainable and ethical research and development.

She is a full time Vegan and animal lover, enjoys yoga each day and attempts long boarding now and again. She loves to travel and volunteer abroad and embrace new cultures.

As well as being the sales executive she helps keep the boys in line.

Maddie - Marketing & Community

Maddie is devoted to understanding how to effectively communicate sustainability to the masses. She has a Master's in Sustainability and Business, and believes in the power of community for sustainable development.

Outside of work she enjoys regular yoga and meditation and is a massive (vegan) foodie. When she finds the time, she also loves life drawing and painting.