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Paying superb wages to our makers

Having a good income to live happily is very important. So at Zero Waste Club, we ensure our artisan and makers are paid way above the minimum wage and have great working condition. Under each product page, you can find out on average how much the artisans are paid.

Story of maker

For every item we produce, we show a story of one of the makers who were involved in bringing the product to life. We will be making videos and sharing their stories when the Covid-19 situation has passed. You can find the maker stories under each product.

Production location and working hours

We show where in the manufacturing country the product is produced and the working hours the makers work. It's important to know where your product comes from and what the working conditions are like for those who produce the product. You can see this information under each product.

No animals killed, harmed or used

Animals are friends and have equal rights to thrive. So we will never ever use animal flesh or other parts in our products. To ensure that none of our bamboo or wood is from habitat forests, we ensure to use FSC certified materials. Which means that the bamboo is grown in man made protected bamboo forests that are harvested every 3 years. Rather than cutting down natural habitat.

Offsetting 300,000+ single use items

We predict we have offset over 300,000 pieces of single use plastics from entering our environment thanks to the introduction of our reusable products such as the reusable collapsible straws. Reusing items means that there is no need for continue to buy disposable goods. So saving litter and resources.

300,000+ Trees Planted

As you may already know, we plant a tree for each and every item we sell. So far we have offset 923,484kgs of CO2 per year. These trees produce enough oxygen to support 2790 human beings every year. As the trees mature, and produce seeds, they will give birth to millions and millions of new trees. So one act of planting one tree, will result in a multiplication effect of millions of other trees.

What do you do with your profits?

The long term goal of Zero Waste Club is to be available in all major countries on earth, providing affordable alternatives to single use items. To make this possible, we reinvest 100% of our profit into achieving this goal.

So where do our profits go?

1. Research and Development into creating new truly sustainable products out of waste and super sustainable materials

2. Production costs associated with manufacturing new eco products and bringing them to the market

3. Producing more stock of our existing products to keep up with increase in demand

4. Coming up with new methods such as investing in new machinery to bring down the cost of our existing products