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35 Eco-Friendly New Year's Resolution Ideas

Posted by Pawan Saunya on

The dawn of the new year is a perfect time to press reset and set goals and resolutions. While everyone’s goals will be different, we should all have the goal of being more eco-friendly in 2020 for the sake of our planet and human health. Here are 35 eco-friendly resolution ideas that will help you become more sustainable in 2020.

  1. Drive less- walk, bike, or use public transit instead 

  2. Start a compost bin 

  3. Go vegan, vegetarian, or embrace Meatless Mondays 

  4. Use Ecosia to help plant trees in deforested areas 

  5. Carbon offset your travel 

  6. Embrace zero waste swaps

  7. Start buying seasonal produce from local farmers markets 

  8. Call or write your politicians once a month about the climate crisis 

  9. Avoid fast fashion- try to only buy secondhand clothing

  10. Start plogging 

  11. Become a conscious consumer- try to only buy from ethical, sustainable brands

  12. Start repurposing your food waste

  13. Stop buying palm oil 

  14. Unsubscribe from physical and digital junk mail 

  15. Find more joy in experiences- not things 

  16. Start a community garden 

  17. Invest in your local economy by supporting locally owned businesses 

  18. Participate in your local climate marches 

  19. Become educated on environmental issues and the environmental impacts of large corporations 

  20. Switch your home to run on renewable energy

  21. Swap your faucets and showerheads for water-saving ones 

  22. Switch to a green bank 

  23. Hang dry your laundry 

  24. Be a tourist in your own city instead of hopping on a plane for vacation 

  25. Start attending your local government meetings to give input on local sustainability projects 

  26. Host a clothing swap or two 

  27. Create a pollinator garden 

  28. Take shorter showers 

  29. Start monthly donations to non-profits solving environmental issues 

  30. Learn how to mend clothing 

  31. Volunteer at local river clean-ups, recycling events, farmers markets, etc. 

  32. Start unplugging (some) appliances and electronics when they aren’t in use 

  33. Try having a no-buy month

  34. Invest in renewable energy projects, green businesses, and other sustainability initiatives

  35. Inspire others to be sustainable through your actions


Kayla Guilliams

is the blog manager for Zero Waste Club, combining her love for writing with her passion for all things environmental sustainability. She is currently a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she is studying journalism, environmental studies, and food studies in hopes of building a career in environmental activism.


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