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Mother's Day 2020: sustainable gifts ideas

Posted by Pawan Saunya on

Mother’s Day is the day that you can show how much you love her (grand)mother. Do you want to stay away from all the cliché gifts? And be more original? Go green this year. Sustainable gifts for Mother's Day, with which you not only pamper your mother, but also Mother Nature and the climate.

‘Stay home, stay safe', has been the advice for weeks. Luckily, there’s online shopping! If you open the worldwide web, you’ll discover many beautiful, sustainable gifts for Mother's Day. And what stands out? The range of gifts with a green touch grows with the year. Certainly, in this bizarre quarantine time in which we’re confronted with a large sum of (temporary) sacrifices, we will be examining our lives including lifestyle. And that's great! Who knows, maybe your mother is at the beginning of her zero-waste journey, has she already taken the first steps in the green direction? Either way here are three tips on how to turn Mother's Day green:

  • Sustainability Boxes are a great choice, such as ones from ZustainaBox. Boxes splashed with love, and which are filled to the brim with sustainable products. Green must-haves that show that sustainable living isn’t much hustle at all. All box products are vegan, plastic-free, have a low impact and are made by local entrepreneurs. No chemical mess, just pure nature! How about Mom's Personal Care Box full of lovely care products? The Mom's High Tea Box for the cozy tea lover? Or the Ma-de-Liefste Box for moms with green fingers? Look no further for a special and sustainable gift for Mother's Day.


  • Another Mother’s Day gift that not only makes your mom, but also local do-gooders happy, is a culinary gift card. A smart idea that many restaurants have embraced. Okay, it’s a pity that you can’t have fun with your mom on Mother’s Day, but hey, she can look forward to the finger lickin’ good food date! Check which restaurants have created a culinary voucher. Do you want to go for the most sustainable option? Then vegan restaurants are your preferred choice. #SupportYourLocals.


  • Of course, you can also make this Mother's Day very special with a video call with your favourite woman of this globe. Have a shot of caffeine or a cup of tea and start chitchatting. A smile from ear to ear will be the result. And that, that’s priceless!


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