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Zero Waste Travel Essentials

Posted by Pawan Saunya on

I love to travel. Seeing the world and experiencing its beauty is an incredible privilege. But, if we want to keep experiencing Earth's breathtaking natural state, we need to help the environment and improve our zero waste game, don’t you think? Traveling zero waste is challenging, but totally doable. 

I want to share with you my zero waste travel tips, but before we go further, I just want to state that in general, I travel on a low budget, eat plant-based, and would consider myself “low maintenance”. So, these tips are all based on my personal experience.


My zero waste travel essentials:

  • Bamboo coffee cup.

You know what is this for- I carry it around everywhere I go if I know I will want a coffee or tea on the go.

  • Glass bottle.

I personally use this as water bottle, but you could also use a stainless steel flask, for example.

  • Cotton tote bag.

This comes with me at all times to carry any snacks I get when I’m out and about, my bamboo coffee mug and my glass bottle. Or, I use it for grocery shopping while traveling.

  • Bamboo lunch box. 

I bring this just in case I need to carry lunch with me or buy lunch on the go.

  • Wooden cutlery.

If you know you will be eating on the go, this is great option to have instead of plastic ones. You could also just bring whatever silverware you have sitting at home. 

  • Bamboo toothbrush.

 This one is quite obvious- I don’t use a plastic toothbrush.

  • Shampoo bar.

Shampoo plastic bottles take up so much space, and since I travel lightly, meaning I only carry bag that can go with me in the airplane, this is a problem. A shampoo bar is a FANTASTIC easy zero waste option for travelling because they’re plastic-free and they usually come in a little aluminium jar. Cute.

  • Plastic-free deodorant. 

I only use natural deodorants and those usually come in cardboard or glass packaging. They probably can’t be found in your local supermarket, but with a little planning, you can always order a new one right before you run out and be sure to have some when you go traveling.

  • Loofah. 

This might be weird for some, but I don’t use a shower gel. I shower only with water and a loofah and use a coffee scrub (when I’m home) once a week.


This is my usual go-to list of zero waste travel essentials, but there are some other suggestions I have that I would use if I traveled for a longer period of time, or if I was traveling for a specific occasion.

  • Bamboo or steel straw.

This is quite straight-forward if you are a straw user. Just have your awesome bamboo or steel straw in your zero waste travel kit.

  • Menstrual cup or Thinx.

If you are a woman, the natural cycle cannot be re-scheduled, so if you plan to travel and happens that your period at the same time, I would pack my menstrual cup or Thinx period underwear. I do not use single-use pads or tampons anymore, so these would be in my zero waste travel essentials if travel date falls with that special time of the month.

  • Coconut oil or shea butter.

If I needed a moisturizer, this would be it. Little glass jar and good to go.

  • Stainless steel razor. 

I use stainless steel razor in general and if I needed to use it on longer travel trips, I would definitely take it with me (or not shave at all, single-use shaving razors are out of question for me personally).

These would be my zero waste travel options, depending on needs and length of travel. It’s understandable if your travel looks a little or a lot different, your zero waste travel kit doesn't have to be the same as mine. The point is we can all reduce our plastic use when we travel by preparing a little in advance and making plastic-free choices.

What would be in your zero waste travel bag? Share some of your ideas- I would love to hear them.


Monta Musinska

Hi! I’m a full-time mom to two amazing boys. In between chasing them around, homeschooling and all other things, I really enjoy nature, reading, meditating, self-development, travelling, capturing moments on camera and, in general, trying to be a considerate and compassionate human being and teaching the same to my boys. Minimalist, zero-waste, and healthy plant-based living is my passion and my way of living, and now as an intern blog writer for Zero Waste Club, I’ll be writing about these things and spreading the message. You can find me on Instagram @montamusinska


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