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Reusable Cellulose Sponge Cloth - Pack of 4


  • Super absorbent. Absorbs up to 20 times towels own weight

  • Great replacement for kitchen towel

  • 100% biodegradable at end of life

  • Great for wiping things down

  • Reusable and saves money

  • Comes in pack of 4. Each kitchen towel size: 17cm x 19cm

Materials & Packaging

  • 70% cellulose (plant fibre) and 30% cotton

  • 100% plastic-free

  • Comes in a 100% recycled unbleached Kraft sleeve, printed which is 100% recyclable.

*Please note that a quantity of 1 represents x4 reusable biodegradable kitchen towels

Why we made this metal safety razor and why swap?

If this is your first time switching to a safety razor then be prepared... to be amazed! The quality of the shave you get with a safety razor is incredible and once you get over 'the fear' you'll wonder why you didn't switch before! 

You don't need to apply pressure when using this razor, just hold the handle in your fingertips, and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin, giving you the closest shave and the smoothest skin. 

Did you know that over 2 billion plastic razors are thrown out every year? It is really difficult to recycle them due to all sorts of materials being in one plastic razor. So they end up in landfill, incineration and in our environment.

Using a reusable metal razor like ours can save you money and also help the planet since you just replace the blades. It also a fully circular swap since you can recycle the razor blades as well.

Metal razor care and end of life

After use, dry the razor and store in a dry place away from any moisture.

Replacing blades

Included with this razor are x10 blades. It's easy to change:

  1. Unscrew handle
  2. Remove the top part of the razor
  3. Slot in the new blade
  4. Screw back together

Tip - make sure the grooved part of the top of the razor is facing up! 

The blades can be recycled if you put the used blades inside a steel can such as an empty baked bean can then secure it with tape so the blades don’t fall out. Then simply put it in the metal recycling bin.

The high temperatures used in metal recycling will mean that any tape will be burn away, leaving just the pure metal that turns into new metal.

The razors could last whole of your life! At the end of life, you can simply put it in the metal recycling bin.


Maker Story

My name is Huixia. I am 57 years old and have been working with this company for 8 years. I have found my speciality in making reusable razors. I’m specifically in charge of the handle of the razor. The company provides me with good, satisfying work. I live in Guangdong with my family. I have one son and two daughters, who work in Guangdong as well. I hope you remember me and my work next time you use your reusable razor.

Ask Huixia a question

The manufacturing partner we work with are based in Guangdong province in China.

The minimum wage in the province is 1,720 RMB per month. The minimum the staff is paid is around 1,848 RMB per month.

The staff works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. They are off on all public holidays.

Regular health checks are done at the expense of the company. And all full-time employees’ health insurance is covered by the the company

The reusable safety razors are shipped via sea freight to minimise the carbon footprint of each product. We offset our carbon emissions and more by planting a tree for every item we sell.

The product does not have any animal derivatives and no plastic. 100% Vegan and plastic-free.

Reusable Cellulose Sponge Cloth - Pack of 4