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Bamboo Pegs


Hang your clothes, seal packets, or decorate your home with this set of 20 bamboo pegs.

  • 100% plastic free

  • 100% vegan

  • Single peg size: 7cm x 1cm x 1cm
  • We plant a tree for every item you purchase

  • Super fast delivery on all items


Please note that a quantity of 1 represents x1 set of 20 pegs.

Why we made the bamboo pegs and why swap?
  • We made the bamboo pegs to replace the plastic pegs you typically use to hang clothes
  • While plastic pegs will take 1000 years to decompose, our bamboo alternative will take less than 3 years, and just 4 months in optimum conditions!
  • This product is another easy swap for you to reduce your plastic intake, and lighten your impact on the planet
Bamboo pegs care and end of life
  • Keep dry after use to prevent mould formation

  • At the end of its life, seperate the wire from the bamboo

  • Steel is widely recycled and bamboo is compostable (check with your local council about how and where you can recycle and compost)

  • The bamboo could also be used as wood for fire, or repurposed for arts and crafts - get creative!

  • And make sure to recycle the packaging


    Bamboo Pegs