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Natural Bottle Cleaning Brush


Zero Waste natural bottle cleaning brush is the perfect FULLY environmentally friendly bottle cleaning brush. Made from natural Sisal plant bristles, beech wood and stainless steel

  • Perfect to clean bottles where your hand is too big to fit
  • Ideally for bottles but can be used on many other items too
  • We plant a tree for every item you purchase
  • Super fast delivery on all items

Why we made a bottle cleaner?

Reusables water bottles is a key product in battling single use plastic water bottles. Therefore, to increase the longevity and the pleasantness of use, we have made this bottle brush which can clean the inside of your bottles. Where your hands can't read.. 

Cleaner and a more hygienic water bottle means that you will enjoy using it more than just buying single use plastic products. So we hope this product comes in handy when cleaning your bottles!

Bottle cleaner care and end of life

After using the bottle cleaner to clean bottles or jars, rinse the bristles to dislodge any food or grub stuck. Then dry the bristles with a towel and hang to dry, ready for it's next use.

We do not recommend putting in the dish washer to clean the bottle brush as it may damage the bottle brush.

When the bottle brush has reached the end of it's life, you can cut away the coconut bristles and handle then place it in the compost. And put the metal wire in the recycling. It's okay to put the metal wire in the recycling even if it has the coconut bristles as the heat in metal recycling will just burn anything other than the metal.


Maker Story

Hi! I’m Wang Xiaopeng. One of the artisans who helped to make the metal dish brush and also the bottle brush. I’m 35 years old and this is my 6th year working here. We like to develop products with the concepts of environmental protection, affordability and good design. 

I’m an artisan and I like to express my inner feelings through making good things for the planet. This work makes me happy. I live in Ningbo with my lovely family. This work allows me to provide for my family, which makes me grateful. I hope that you love the dish brush.

Ask Wang Xiopeng a question

The production partners facility is based in Zhejiang province in China. 

The minimum wage of this province is 2,100 RMB per month, but the artisans are paid above minimum wage at 2,700 RMB per month.

Makers work 40 hours a week, 5 days a week and are off on all holidays. 

The bottle cleaners are shipped via ship to minimise the carbon footprint of the product. We more than offset the emissions by planting a tree for every item we sell.

The product does not have any animal derivatives and no single use plastic waste was produced in the production process.

For the health and safety of the artisans, they are ensured to wear gloves, face masks and hats. Also regular health checks are done at the expense of the factory.

Natural Bottle Cleaning Brush