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DIY Natural Washing Up Liquid

Posted by Pawan Saunya on
DIY Natural Washing Up Liquid

Tips for Making Your Own Zero Waste DIY Washing up Liquid

A recent study by Ecover, a Belgium-based company dealing with the manufacture of eco-friendly cleaning products, indicates that every square mile of the oceans and seas bordering the United Kingdom contains roughly 46,000 waste plastic pieces.  The washing up liquid bottles that people keep on disposing accounts for some percentage of this waste that has put many marine animals at risk of losing their lives.  

In as such, being an environment-conscious person that you are, there’s need to adopt zero waste washing up liquid as a way of environmental conservation. The best way to go about it is by making your own DIY washing up liquid.  And guess what..! The process of making the detergent is a breeze; a few-minute affair! Here are the simple steps of doing it:

  • Put 3 TBSP of washing soda into a bowl

Since you are making washing up liquid just for your domestic consumption, 3 tablespoons of washing powder, among other ingredients that we are going to see here later on, will be enough. Washing soda, also known as sodium carbonate, is a vital component in many cleaning detergents because of its water-“softening” capability.  It softens water by binding to the minerals that make it hard.  As a result, it allows the other cleaning ingredients in a detergent to penetrate fabrics and dirt. 

  • Add boiled water (half-cup) and stir 

The second step involves adding half a cup of boiled water to the washing soda in the bowl. Then stir the two components until washing soda dissolves completely. Boiled water contains fewer impurities and compared to raw rainwater or one that has been drawn directly from a tap. You don’t want to add contaminants that could interfere with the effectiveness of your soap, do you? Then go for boiled or distilled water instead of raw. 

  • Allow the solution to cool and add liquid castile soap(half-cup)

Once you have confirmed that your washing soda solution has cooled down completely, then, the next thing to do is to add liquid castile soap. Just a half a cup of the soap will be enough.  Liquid castile soaps are the type of soaps which are manufactured by saponifying oil without including any additive. As a result, the soap can be used for various cleaning purposes.  

  • Place the solution a clean glass jar and allow it to cool down

You’ll have to refrigerate the solution and so, it is important that you ensure that it cools down before putting it into your fridge. 

  • Refrigerate

Once you have confirmed that the blend has cooled down completely, it’s now time to refrigerate it. Let it remain in the refrigerator until it becomes solid and opaque. It has to be white and creamy for easy and effective use. So, lastly, whip it for around a minute to make it so.  

How to use it

You can use your white and creamy washing up liquid for an array of cleaning purposes. Use it at a ratio of 2 tablespoons to one large sink of water.  If you want to clean up tougher dishes, use plain baking soda together with the washing up liquid. The two will help you clean up the dishes thoroughly and effortlessly.

Up to you now

Take up the challenge today and go green by making yourself washing up liquid for your household chores by using the above simple steps.  One more thing; don’t forget to share this to help a friend out there.  

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Madeleine Vos 

Is working as an intern for Zero Waste Club, making some awesome DIY videos. She is here to help you make DIY products that will help you to reduce your waste.   

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