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DIY Tea Bad and Strainer

Posted by Pawan Saunya on

Tea bags contains plastic. Did you know that? Ha! Can't unlearn now bro. Now you know that you are ingesting not very nice things, you can definitely take a stand!

Get some #loosetea and make your tea strainers!

Ideally use undyed organic cotton or well washed natural fabric to ensure no unnecessary chemicals get into your body.

Do share your custom made tea bags with us @zerowasteclub and @plantbasednews on instagram to be featured.

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Is working as an intern for Zero Waste Club, making some awesome DIY videos. Here to help you make DIY products that will reduce your waste as well as showing yummy alternatives to non-vegan products and food. Find out more about Ploy’s work over on her Instagram or her Thai Blog.

Comment below with DIY Video recipes you'd like to see. And how did you get on making the recipe?

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